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15 June 2012 @ 11:52 am
The Bridges Legacy - 1.1  

I have another update! Warning: stupidity and silliness on my part.
You'll find out soon enough ;)

This update we begin with Carolina and Ollie falling in love!
Yeah, I know. Image only shows Carolina falling in love, but you get the point ;P

Because it was dark in the last update, neither you or myself could get a good look at Carolina's face.
She's not bad :)

Carolina got the memory "Married Rich Sim". But, Ollie only had around 12, 000 simoleons. In my book, 12, 000 simoleons isn't very much...so.

That's it?

Carolina (nee Cameron) Bridges

Zodiac: Scorpio 6/5/8/3/3
Turn Ons: Grey hair & Athletic
Turn Off: Blonde Hair
Aspiration: Fortune
Lifetime Want: Become Head of SCIA

She's really pretty, am I right? :)
Too bad they can't have children yet. According to the rules of the "True Love" handicap, she and Ollie must have three bolts when conceiving a child. They only have two right now. Damn.

They left for work in the exact same car! It looked odd though, because Carolina is in her everyday outfit, whereas Ollie actually looks professional. Oh yes, Carolina is in the Politics career. Later, I shall change this, as I want her to fulfill her LTW at some point.

Here comes the stupidity on my part. Due to a chancecard, poor Ollie got fired... :|

I'm sorry Ollie :(


Carolina: Hey honey, I think we should start recycling.
Ollie: *fartsinhergeneraldirection*

Gee. You could have just said no.

So, since Carolina is attracted to athletic sims, I got Ollie to study physiology and then jump rope. It worked! He maxed out the body skill! Too bad, because they still had two bolts -__-
You know what, scrap that handicap for these two! I may have broken the handicap, but I'm not counting up points, so I'll keep the handicap for my next heir.

I got Ollie a job in the Politics career, alongside his wife. Seems they both had great days!

Anyone guess what I made her wish for?


Dangit. She got promoted on the day I was going to make her quit.

Heh. Decided to make her quit anyway.


The delivery day is getting close!

Nice going Ollie. Just stand over there and jump. Sure.


Sylvia Bridges

Isabel Bridges

There aren't many pictures of them as babies, because it was hectic taking care of them. Luckily though, I was prepared. I have the Triplets and Quads hack, so I'm always prepared ;)
And dangit. They are female mini Ollies.

TODDLERS. Baby life was boring, hence their seemingly-quick life as babies.

Sylvia Bridges
Zodiac: Pisces 6/3/7/3/8

Isabel Bridges
Zodiac: Aries 6/10/8/3/3

This is Isabel after her makeover. Isn't she just the cutest little thing? ♥
She has Ollie's nose, skin and eyes ♥

She's my favourite ♥
I know, I know, I shouldn't play favourites. I was all set to choose her as the heir, when [info]xbeccyx  reminded me that I'm doing a patriarchy, so I have to choose a male heir. Damn.

This is Sylvia after her makeover. She has Ollie's skin and nose, just like her twin. But, she has Carolina's eyes ♥


But while the fire was going on, Isabel and Sylvia huggled ♥


She's preggers again. I hope she has a boy this time!


Man, I really, really, really hope it's a boy.

Isabel seems to like all the toys her sister plays with. If Sylvia plays with the rabbit, Isabel wants to play with the rabbit.

I adore them so much ♥

Stay tuned for the next update!