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15 June 2012 @ 01:33 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 1.4  

I'm back with another update!
This update, we see lots of spam filled with cuteness. Proceed with caution!

I love my little Freddie so much ♥

Apparently, Fiona isn't impressed by her parents' antics.

I, however, laughed my head off x)

The dude, is Dorian Allbee. Ollie needed one more friend in order to get a promotion, so I thought that if one of the girls became friends with him, it'd give Ollie the chance to get that promotion.

Seems Fiona and Dorian became more than just friends.

Apparently, Freddie doesn't like the rain much.

Okay, make that really doesn't like the rain....

I shall name you Freddie, and you shall be MY Freddie!

I caught Nicole dancing to Fiona's piano playing. She was dancing very badly...

I got Fiona a job in the Entertainment career, as her LTW is to "Become Prestidigitator".

Ollie may be an elder, but he still has his moments ♥

We all know where Freddie gets his cuteness from ♥

Freddie just has the cutest smile ♥

It's Carolina's birthday! Man, I can't believe my founder and his wife are already elders D:

Promotions all around!

Bye child!Freddie :(

Freddie Bridges

Turn Ons: Make Up & Lycanthropy
Turn Off: Full-Face Make Up
Aspiration: Family
Lifetime Want: Graduate 3 Children From College

I forgot to take a picture of the dialogue box, which is why I have the stats typed out here instead.

He's still cute ♥

Even with his broken neck I still love 'im ♥

At which point, my Ollie rolled the want to have a baby. A BABY. Erm, anyone besides me realises what's wrong with that?

This picture is the last picture you'll see of Sylvia and Isabel, as they are off to college!

Well, that's it! While the twins are at college, I'll play them until they graduate, and in the event that they have families, I'll post some spam :)

: happyhappy
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