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15 June 2012 @ 03:19 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 2.2  

Yet another update :)

Last update we ended wtih Johnny spam. This update, we begin with Johnny spam!

Obligatory potty training face ♥
Bonus: Black Holes of DOOM.

Jane, you're rather pretty, but why did Johnny have to look so much like you? He doesn't have the cute little nose that his Dad and Granddad have!

ACR wanted to interrupt this cute little snuggle, so I angrily said no, cancelled it, and left Freddie and Johnny be. Besides, Jane is already pregnant again. I haven't taken any pictures of her bump, because, well, her bump is all skew-whiff because of lack of preg morphs on her outfit. I could change it to something that does have a preg morph, but all the stuff I have just doesn't suit her.

When I told Carolina to stop giving financial consulting and use the toilet (for the seventh time that day), she broke the computer, resulting in being lectured by Ollie.

Ollie: Don't do it again, okay?

Ollie: There are a mountain of things you could have done to prevent it!

Ollie: Do you understand me?

Carolina: Yes, yes dear. *inwardlypuncheshiminface*

Freddie fed Johnny all on his own! I find it adorable when my sims do stuff like this ♥

Bed time came and went. Bad thing was, was that it was 2am. Everyone went to sleep. Poor little tyke had to sit there on his own for hours. His needs were all green, so he never attempted to open the crib himself (he could have, as he knows how to walk, but apparently, only toddlers with low needs will open their cribs).

My favourite picture ♥

Then, because Carolina was playing with Johnny, Ollie wanted to as well. I'm still annoyed that he was only there because Carolina was, but watching him play with Johnny was just too cute to stay mad ♥

I managed to get a good clear view of Jane's belly, so I decided to take a picture. This is Jane in her third trimester.

Then she promptly gave birth after I took that picture, which made me glad that I got her to get changed.
Little did I know what I was in for...

Aaron Bridges

Sierra Bridges

Nathan Bridges

Lucas Bridges

They had quads. Three boys, one girl. The quads all seem to have Carolina's skin, which I find rather cute. It's easy to tell the difference between Sierra and her brothers. Sierra is the only one with Freddie's eyes :)

Although, the quads' birth was ruined by one thing...


(Yes yes, I have the butt-naked-half-headless-Grim x) Don't worry, I already knew what the problem was, and it's fixed.)

Why on the birth of his four granchildren? And why on Johnny's birthday? DD:

I know Carolina, I felt like crying too. Well, up until I saw butt-naked Grim x)
Speaking of bare-naked Grim, I wonder how many singles he's released?
(Getit? XD)

But whoa...look how much money you got!

I love you Ollie. You will be sorely missed :(


I tried to make everyone feel better by making Johnny grow up, as I had originally planned.

Johnny Bridges

Picture to show that Carolina is pitching in. If Ollie was still around, she'd be stalking him, and wouldn't give two hoots about her grandchildren. Oh yeah, this is Lucas that she's feeding. At least...I think it's Lucas...

Here I leave you with a picture of Johnny hugging Woodstock. I decided to end the update here, as last update I had over 60 pictures. So, I hope you enjoyed this update :)

: busybusy