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15 June 2012 @ 04:13 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 2.8  

One more update after this for generation 2!
Warning: Usual spammage. As usual.

We begin with Jane and Freddie playing chess. I find chess boring. Who's with me?

Damn exercise bike.

Just like his grandfather and father before him. I might make this a male tradition - maxing out the body skill.

Random picture of the BROKEN TV. It's probably why no one was watching TV this whole time.


I think Lucas jumping on his Grandma's bed glitched it up. Sims could only sleep on one side, so I deleted it and bought a replica. Bad thing is, it made Ollie angry, so he started scaring everyone....

Apparently, Sierra likes it when it rains.

Johnny: Do I have to get off?

If you don't want to pass out, then YES!

OLLIE! :D Oh wait...he's an angry ghost now...so seeing him is no longer any fun...

I'm sorry Ollie! I had to delete your bed because it was glitched!



It's just a bed, man! Why do ghosts get so angry if you delete their beds? I HAD TO! IT WAS GLITCHED!

Jane got fit. I couldn't get used to it. For me, seeing her like that wasn't the same. It didn't feel right.

So I made her over-eat x) I just couldn't see her with normal fitness. I couldn't. I got so used to seeing her "fat", that when she was at normal fitness, she just wasn't Jane. She was someone else :/

Then, who should stop by? Nicole! :)

The kids finally met one of their Aunts x)

Tell me something, Carolina. How are you supposed to swing Sierra properly if you've got chess arm?

Then Carolina never got to answer my question! D:

Mabye this is why Nicole came over? Because she knew Carolina was going to die D:
It's also the quads' birthday too :( That's two deaths on two birthdays :(

Bye bye Carolina :(

Not that they need the money anyway :'(

Bye bye :( You were an awesome Grandma :(

Just as I did before, I tried to lift the mood by having the quads grow up, as I had originally planned.

Then, during Lucas' turn, Ollie decides to scare Aaron! AGAIN.

Aaron Bridges

Sierra Bridges


Nathan Bridges

Lucas Bridges


Yes, I'm sure we all agree that you're very cute ;)

You're such a chess-nerd, Lucas. A loveable chess-nerd ♥

But then, I'd be excited too if I won against my Aunt ;)

Ollie! Oh wait...

Ooops...looks like Nicole wasn't going home without being scared.

Ooops...? Oh well. She's the one who decided to come over! ;)

Well guys, that's it for this update. One more for generation 2!

: gigglygiggly