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11 June 2012 @ 10:50 am
Ultimately, EAxis owns the rights to anything we make for the Sims 2. So, while I can't sue you for not obiding by my policy, I'd still appreciate it if you could at least respect it and what I wish/not wish to do be done concerning my creations.

-Using my content in your pictures, previews, etc. Credit isn't needed, but is appreciated.
-Recolouring my meshes and including the mesh with your packages with credit.
-Shoe-swapping or taking apart my meshes to make your own; credit is appreciated. Remember to credit others who may have been involved!
-Including my content with your sims, as long as they are uploaded to file sharing websites, such as Dropbox or Mediafire. Credit is appreciated, but not necessary.
-Using my sims in pictures, legacies, etc. Yes, my sims are [info]pixel_trade friendly!

Hell No:
-Taking my content and posting it elsewhere, claiming it as yours.
-Editing any of my creations, then claiming them as yours entirely, without giving proper credit to myself, and others who were involved.
-Taking my sims and reuploading; claiming them as yours.
-PAYSITES. REALLY NOT OKAY. I am a free creator, and wish to remain so.

Let Me Know If:
-You intend on age converting a mesh of mine. I have taken to doing this myself with my recent meshes, but for older meshes, I would like to be asked first. My only gripe is that if you don't ask first and just convert it, I might do the same, and we'd end up with duplicates!
-You defaulted an outfit of mine. This is only so I can download it too, or advertise it here as well!
-You edited meshes of mine to add morphs/fixes. I'd like to know so I can thank you and download it too.

And that's that. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM.
By the way, watch out for exchangelanders. And zombies.
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