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14 June 2012 @ 11:50 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 1.0  

Here I am, with the first chapter of the Bridges Legacy! It's a patriarchy, and I have a few handicaps just to make it interesting.
My chosen handicaps are: Patriarchy/Matriarchy, One way street, True Love, Strict family values and Free Roaming Ghosts.

So, shall we begin?

Here' s my adorable founder, Oliver Bridges. As all "normal" sims, he bird watches as I enter the lot.

Oliver Bridges

Zodiac: Pisces 5/3/7/3/7
Turn Ons: Creative & Full Face Make Up
Turn Off: Cologne
Aspiration: Family
Lifetime Want: Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

It's boring moving into a new town, with barely any simoleons to your name, isn't it?

Daww, look at that face ♥

Before I forget, here's Oliver's shack! Small, isn't it?

This is bird's eye view. Without the roof, of course. All this stuff came cheap, so Ollie still has some moolah left over, just in case something bad happens.

Empty game means different townies and NPCs. Here's the garden club member, called Hyun Walton. I had to open up the game to get his name, as I had forgotten it. No wonder why -___- What kind of name is that? My game seems to spit out some weird names, like Pong. PONG?! [/rant]

It's a sad day when your sim is in dire need of social and you are brought to your knees by having to greet the garden club member.

I love my Ollie so much! ♥♥♥

Then one of the weirdest looking gyspy matchmakers generated. At least she didn't generate with Flammable skin. She'd burn my eyes >.<

If you can see his shovel, I can explain. He needs money. Need of money + hard work = TREASURE!

After days of waiting for the perfect job, I found one that suited Ollie most.

Dude, you could have told us this earlier -___- Oliver would have more money then! >:(
Anyway, this is Alec Goss. Some random dude. I know for a fact that Ollie is going to need quite a few friends later on in his career.

Daww, seems poor Ollie doesn't want to go to work - but it's his first day, so he has to!

Promotion on the first day of work!

Due to his work bonus, I decided to splurge on a phone and a little bookcase. Although, I probably spent no more than 300 simoleons on this stuff, seeing as it's all el-cheapo x)

Then, after only THREE DAYS of living here, look what Ollie gets!

(Yes, I covered her head with that little picture XD)
So much for "arduous paths of excellence". What, does that mean managing to live through three days in poverty or something?
Also, take note of the fact that this gypsy lady isn't the same one that generated on the day Oliver moved in. That means I have TWO gypsy matchmakers.

I'm wishing for money! Oh, and peace of mind :)

He looks bored already.

Ha! From 2,188 simoleons to over 30, 000 in a matter of seconds! HUZZAH!

More money...

And more...

Yay! I can now build Ollie an actual house! O:

On the exact same night, Ollie gets "robbed".

Instead of calling the cops like I told him to, he ran outside scared >:(

Burglar lady followed him, and then just ran off. Without stealing anything. At all.

I know, I know.

But Ollie! She didn't steal anything!

I wish I could give you a big bear hug :(

Anyway, with all that money Oliver now has, I decided a new house was in order! If the design of the house looks familiar, take a peek here and you'll find out why :P
Time for a peek at a few of the rooms!

There are actually three more rooms, but two of those are bathrooms, and the other is a spare room for the next generation. A bit pointless showing you an empty room, and it would be a bit odd to show you the bathrooms. Besides that, they're too small for me to take a picture of!

I really need to find Ollie a girlfriend.

So, the very next day, I got Ollie to call the gypsy matchmaker. Now, according to the "True Love" handicap rules, Ollie and his "true love" must have three bolts before having children (or during).

After building his house, Ollie still had over 17, 000 simleons left, so I was able to pay the matchmaker the highest amount, for a better date!

You had better be right, lady.

This is Carolina Cameron.

They ended up having two bolts, but all Ollie wanted to do was toss football...
So, I stepped in, brought up their relationship a little, and let ACR do the rest.

Very manly, Ollie. Very manly.

After ACR had run it's course, Ollie wanted to toss football. AGAIN. Which is why in this picture, Ollie and Carolina are apart.
At least they had a dream date. As you can see, Ollie got 5, 000 aspiration points XP

She came at 5am to deliver this rose bouquet. Their date went until 4am, which is why there aren't anymore pics of them after their date. She left straight after it...

Seems the date rubbed off onto Ollie's work performance! Huzzah!

Well, this is it for the first update! Hope you enjoyed it :)

: chipperchipper