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15 June 2012 @ 12:06 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 1.2  

Here I am yet again, with another Bridges update!

Last update, Sylvia and Isabel grew up into toddlers. I still wish I could make Isabel the heir, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing a patriarchy, so I can't make her the heir :|

Ollie needed a friend before he could get promoted again.
Eye-bleed townie, anyone?

After a few days, it was the twins' birthday!

Isabel Bridges

Sylvia Bridges

On that same day, Carolina gave birth. Isn't that a nice birthday present? A sibling!

Or two...

Nicole Bridges

Fiona Bridges

Girls. Again. Twins. Again.

This was just so precious ♥ After her mother gave birth to Nicole, little Isabel made the cutest pose ♥

Curse "Give Financial Consulting" >.>

What can I say? She's obsessed.

Ollie stalks Carolina like there's no tomorrow. It's actually very frustrating.

You'd think this picture is cute, right? But Ollie is only tucking in Fiona because Carolina is next to the crib, playing with Nicole.

Homework is a drag, man.

Then, after three annoying stalk-filled days, it was time for Nicole and Fiona to grow up.

Nicole Bridges
Zodiac: Cancer 6/3/8/5/7

Fiona Bridges
Zodiac: Pisces 8/3/7/3/10

This is Nicole after her makeover. I made sure to allocate them all colours so I know who is who x)

This is Fiona. At first, I thought they might have been clones of Sylvia and Isabel, but when I saw that they both had Carolina's eyes, I figured they weren't :)

Second day of school and both Sylvia and Isabel end up with A+ report cards.

Seems Isabel is pleased with that.

Preggers again! GIVE ME A BOY.

These twins follow eachother EVERYWHERE. So cute ♥

Ollie brought this old guy home from work. Yet another eye-bleeding townie.

Then it was Fiona's and Nicole's birthday!

Fiona Bridges

Nicole Bridges

Here I end with a picture of Carolina's first bump.

Hope you enjoyed it :)

: amusedamused