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15 June 2012 @ 01:47 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 1.5  

Last update for this generation! Can you believe it?
WARNING: Lots of Freddie spam. If you can't handle it, turn back now!

I've been waiting for him to check himself out and I couldn't be happier with the result XD

I am so glad that all of them get along. Although, it's been really weird without Sylvia and Isabel...

Again, Genie, you're facing the wrong way.

I made him wish for "Peace of Mind". Now, I never have to worry about any of the Bridges' having aspirational failures.

I think I should get rid of this contraption...either that, or move it.

Just like his sister.

Conceited, much?

These girls aren't in a lot of pictures, are they? Well, the reason is, because they're ALWAYS together. ALWAYS. All they do is play together.

They have to be together. ALL. THE. TIME. The only time they're apart is when Fiona has to go to work.

Other than being cute, this is all Freddie does. Sinks, counters, toilets, bathtubs, everything. Good thing too, as no one else bothers to clean. Well, the two sets of twins bothered. Ollie and Carolina are too wrapped up in themselves to care.


As the daughter of a man who used to do this in his sleep, I can honestly say, that you NEVER get used to it. Well, I didn't anyway.
I didn't get use to the smell, either...bleh.

I feel sorry for you Freddie, but then I remember that you'd punch too hard too. But hey, she's an old lady and she HURT you? Take it like a man, dude!

He's still cute even when he's mad ♥

They may be old, but they're still very much in love. Which, is annoying, really. They were Classic Dancing (like in the picture) for so many hours, that Carolina nearly wet herself and Ollie was starving. I would have stopped them earlier, but I got bored watching them and promptly forgot.

Stupid contraption strikes - yet again! I think I'll delete it now.

Yes Carolina, we still love you :)

Meet Cale Nanale - Nicole's new "friend" ;)

Then Fiona comes and crashes their party. Told ya the twins had to be together ;)
(Yes, Cale has weird eyes. That's because I had deleted a lot of unwanted eyes I had that came with sims. Little did I know that a few sims had already generated with those eyes, ergo this is why Cale's eyes are...non-existant)

This picture looks cute, right? Freddie, there, checking himself out. BUT, take a look in the mirror. It may take you either a second or a while to see what I'm talking about.


Dorian (Fiona's boyfriend) BROKE THE TV! >:(
Does ANYONE ELSE want to break something?

For the last picture of this update, have a picture of Freddie!
This is also the last update for the first generation! The next update will be generation 2.
Hope you enjoyed this update :)

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