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15 June 2012 @ 03:12 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 2.1  

Caution: 60+ pics ahead. Also, lots of spammage.

Here's my Freddie, all-grown-up! He's fresh out of college (Summa-Cum-Laude!) and ready to continue on in my patriarchy, as the generation 2 heir!
Although, his transition outfit doesn't suit him...in my eyes, he'll always be a mean-goody-two-shoes. Punk just doesn't flow for me.

But hey, he grew into his looks, no? ;)
Still as cute as ever in my book ♥

A make-over was definitely in order. I'm not fussed about changing his hair, because well, the hair I give them when they are toddlers will stick with them forever. Unless of course, someone has disabled a hair for a certain age, then, well, my plan is stuffed, isn't it? x)

Me thinks he needs to get out and find someone.

Not before fixing the TV that his sister's boyfriend broke >:(
(Off animation, I know, this was before I got the fix)

Daww, you gotta love 'im ♥

Hey, look who it is! The same Gypsy who brought us Carolina.

Errr...are you sure?

We better get someone good out of this.

And then we end up with Jane Stacks. Okay, so yes, she's a playable, but I haven't touched her or her roommates.
Maybe she has a chance.

Or perhaps not...

Do you think he meant to throw the football too hard?

They have two bolts, but to better accomodate the "True Love" handicap, I shall raise it to three. Let the stalking begin.

Freddie is so much like his Dad.

Yeah, coz' the wolf is so gossip-worthy.

They fell in love in one day x)
I found this hilarious, but hey, it means, that if they get married early and only give me girls, they have more of a chance of trying over and over, therefore I have more chance of them trying and ending up with a boy!

Freddie's favourite activity: Cleaning Everything In Sight.
Or, known as: CEIS.
Careful, it can be contagious.

The very next day, I got them engaged. I'm rushing, I know, but I don't want the same thing happening in this generation that happened in the last *coughOllieandCarolinacough*

Damn Freetime bug.

Stupid wolf.

Damn. Can't stay angry at animal for very long, can you?

I had to move Jane in using the Sim Blender, and I then aged her up into an adult. There was no way I was playing her all the way through college. Not a chance.
But anyway, she's rather pretty, isn't she? I tried to make her look natural, without making her look bare. I like the way her make-over turned out :)

Jane (nee Stacks) Bridges
Zodiac: Cancer 7/2/7/3/6
Turn Ons: Full-Face Make Up & Great Cook
Turn Off: Stink
Aspiration: Family
Lifetime Want: Reach Golden Anniversary

First order of business as the second Mrs. Bridges: WISH FOR PEACE OF MIND.

Seems Jane is really fond of her husband. On a recent phonecall to Allegra, she bragged about how "hot" she thinks her husband is.

Looks like someone's a little sick ;)

And here's a pic just to show her first bump. Yes, yes, I am aware of that gap around her waist. Doesn't really bother me much though.

Look at Freddie's wants! This, is proof that he LOVES his big sisters ♥

Too bad I haven't moved them in yet.

Turns out Jane was the last friend Carolina needed to get promoted. Hooray for being the top and only working three days a week!

I decided to skip taking a picture of her second baby bump, as that thing was HUGE! But hey, baby time.

Johnny Bridges

Hooray for a boy! Hooray for a single baby! Boo for the fact that Johnny has all his mother's genetics :(

Then...Johnny pooped in his diaper, and then his parents thought it best to stop studying parenting and lecture him. Err...hello?
1. He's a baby
2. You did it too when you were a baby
3. What's so wrong with a baby doing it's business in a DIAPER? It didn't go anywhere but IN THE DIAPER!

Poor little thing. Being lectured for being a baby.
Mainly because at this point, Jane got pregnant. Again.

After two annoying lecture-filled days, my little Johnny is growing up!

Johnny Bridges
Zodiac: Virgo 9/3/8/3/6

I forgot to mention, that Ollie has elf ears. Seems Freddie inherited them, and now little Johnny has them too!

Isn't he the cutest little thing? I must admit, I was disappointed, mainly because I wanted to see Freddie in him. Johnny seems to have his Mum's everything. Nose, eyes, cheeks, not sure about the mouth though.

I went all squee-ish when I saw this. Ollie LOVES his grandson ♥

I love him too ♥

While I find little Johnny cute, I'm not sure if I want him to be heir... I haven't fallen in love with him (yet), not like I did with Freddie, so, I'll wait and see if there are any other little boys that Jane and Freddie have. But hey, you'll be with me when I find out ;)

Hope you enjoyed the update, stay tuned for the next! :)

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