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15 June 2012 @ 03:27 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 2.3  

Warning: Lots of spam ahead. You have been warned.

We begin with poor little Johnny being lectured by his Grandma. You know Carolina, you're not exactly innocent either. You've broken the trash compactor too, at least three times!

Awww...Poor Johnny :(

First off, Jane and Johnny are outside. Second, it's nightime. Third, it's raining. Who does that?

With four babies to take care of, I decided to let Carolina retire. Her pension must be the highest I've ever seen in my game...

Time for wishes!

Or wish. I made him wish for "Peace of Mind". They don't need any money, Johnny is still young, and there's no way I want Ollie to be resurrected as a zombie.

I never thought Carolina would be such a doting Grandmother.

But it's cute ♥

This happens to be the second time I've seen this. Gee Freddie, looks like you're having lots of fun swinging the AIR.

Like I said at the end of the last update, it was so hectic taking care of four babies, that I didn't take any pictures. So, birthdays!

Ollie's nose!

There's Ollie's nose again! :D
Not to mention Freddie's eyes ;)

Aaron Bridges
Zodiac: Virgo 9/2/8/6/6

Sierra Bridges
Zodiac: Taurus 9/3/7/10/6

Nathan Bridges
Zodiac: Capricorn 10/3/3/10/9

Lucas Bridges
Zodiac: Cancer 7/3/7/6/6

They need as much help as they can get. As babies, they were hard to take care of, but as toddlers, they aren't that bad. Still need help though.

I think Nathan is my favourite ♥

Sierra is a little princess ♥

My poor little Lucas :(

I was just about ready to jump into my game and snuggle the poor little tykes :(

I gave Aaron a mental snuggle instead :)

Gosh, look at that gob. I think he has Freddie's mouth.

I love the quads so much ♥

Johnny looks chuffed after his first day of school!

First thing to do after homework: family kiss little brother! ♥

I can tell that Johnny is going to be a lovely older brother :)

Sierra, I'm sorry you got stuck with four brothers. As one who already has one older brother, I can safely say, that one brother is enough.

For the first two days, I kind of forgot about little Johnny. But Carolina didn't :)

Carolina rolled wants to teach Sierra and Aaron nursery rhymes ♥
In three days, I managed to teach the quads EVERYTHING. Jane nearly passed out in the process, but she didn't want to sleep anyway. She just wanted to be wherever Freddie was.

Man you look like Jane. But I promise, I'll do my best to never forget you again :)

The quads have better mixes of their parents than Johnny does. As much as I love Johnny, I shamefully love the quads just a teensy bit more. Not intentionally, of course.

Here I leave you with another picture of doting Grandmother, Carolina. Oh, and little Aaron too.
Oh yeah, and not forgetting Johnny in the background ;)

Hope you enjoyed it!