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15 June 2012 @ 03:35 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 2.4  

Warning: Usual spammage.

I spend a lot of time fawning over this little cutie ♥ Don't remember who he is? It's Nathan :)

Freddie is actually quite the doting father. As mean as he is, he seems to love spending time with his kids. Unlike Jane. If Freddie is in the bathroom, she wants to be there too. Even if he's on the toilet. If Freddie's eating, she wants to too. If he's with the kids, she wants to be too.
Curse three bolters.

Sierra is definitely a Daddy's girl ♥
Not stereotyping or anything, just pointing out that she loves her Dad more than her Mum :)

Remember when Johnny got lectured? Yeah, well, I got Freddie to fix the trash compactor. Bad idea.

HA. That's a...nice look for you ;P

I really love Sierra and Nathan. They look so much alike, they both have Freddie's nose, mouth, chin, and cheeks. Only differences, are the eye colour and shape.

Oh yeah, Johnny got an A+! Although, he doesn't look too happy about having to do homework.

So far, no ghost scares. But knowing me, I've probably just jinxed myself.

Aaron: *creeps into picture*

After three hectic days, the quads can finally grow up!
I grew them up in birth order, as that is me being my perfectionist self x)

Aaron Bridges

Sierra Bridges

Nathan Bridges

Lucas Bridges

Seriously? In the dark? At bedtime? Oh well. At least you're having quality time with your Grandma before she dies. Eeep! When will she die? *panics*

I got all the quads to wish for "Peace of Mind".

After watching Sierra and Nathan play together, I noticed that their relationship is really good. 100/65 for Sierra to Nathan, but sadly, Nathan only likes her 100/36... Oh well.

Lucas seems to have an interest in Science. Much like his late Granddad.

Aaron always gets left alone :( Nathan and Sierra are always together, Lucas uses the telescope, Jane stalks Freddie, and Johnny hangs out with Carolina. There's no one left for poor Aaron :(

Again. Nightime. Dark. LACK OF ENERGY.

Carolina reminded me that she only has three nice points. But then, so does Freddie.

But who would know? Especially with a cute smile like that ♥

Dude, you're the one who heart-farted her.

Here I leave you with a picture of Nathan cheering on Aaron <3
Hope you enjoyed the update!

: chipperchipper