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15 June 2012 @ 03:40 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 2.5  

Warning: More usual spammage.

We begin with Lucas booing Aaron. They don't really have a good relationship, but I've done my best (so far) to raise it.
But, I began after this picture was taken x)

Nathan, did I ever mention that I LOVE you?

It wasn't much to gossip about the first time.

The old lady's still got it ;)

Seriously, Jane? Like, REALLY?
After standing there watching Freddie for about an hour, she went to bird watch. BEHIND HIM.

Errr...random kid, have you ever asked your non-existant-parents to buy you new clothes?

'Nuff said.

Aaron and Sierra were fighting over their Grandma. It was quite cute, actually.

Sierra soon got bored of fighting. She should have actually gone to bed, but my sims are very disobedient.

Gossiping about your Professor that keeps calling you. I think she has a thing for you, Freddie.

Err...Carolina? Don't you think Jane is too old to be talking to toys?

Sierra doesn't just get along with Nathan, she also gets along with Lucas too. Although, she still does spend most of her time with Nathan.

See? I brought all the kids out to the backyard (mainly because ACR kicked in and Freddie and Jane wanted to make me angry by having another kid - but it failed! HA!) so that they could all socialise. Pfft. Blow that. Sierra and Nathan couldn't care less about their siblings.

Err...Aaron? Who are you waving to?

This is the last picture you'll see of Johnny like this. Well, apart from his birthday picture.

Gee, Johnny, nice outfit ;P

Hooray for knowledge!

Man, look at you. Look how much you've changed! You've gone form that cute little tyke to this big, lumbering...dude.

Just like Freddie.

Well, that's another update wrapped up. Hope you enjoyed it!