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15 June 2012 @ 03:56 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 2.6  

Another update!

Today we begin with a picture of poor Nathan. He hurt his butt when he slid down the slide.
It was noth cute and funny :)

This update is mainly filled with spam. But then, all my updates are. Hope you don't mind ;)

Remember this? ;)

*cue Johnny's transparent-like hair*

Johnny doesn't like Aaron very much, as this picture proves :(

I'd watch what you're talking about there, Nathan and Sierra. Your big brother's watching.

HA! Not that your secret-telling concerns him! You're telling secrets about your Dad! XD

Johnny: Ugh. I look horrible today.

Me: XD

Hey look, more pillow fighting spam ;)
And yes, it's between Nathan and Sierra. It always is!

Then Nathan family kissed Sierra (he has TEN nice points) and they both got disgusted by it XD

Hey, you accepted it ;)

This stupid contraption strikes again.

While taking pictures for this update, Aaron wasn't actually very lonely. I think Carolina overheard me and she began to make Aaron feel at home ;)

Oh yeah, don't mind the glow. Carolina has maxed out Games enthusiasm AND Dance. But then I think she de-tuned the piano, so no one plays it anymore.

Sierra and Nathan are two peas in a pod. The spam shows!

Remember how I said Aaron wasn't alone? Yeah, well, Lucas took his place instead :(


Geez Carolina!

Dawww, did your Mummy hurt you?



Carolina: Heh, I still I got it ;)

I don't feel that bad for Freddie being punched too hard because he has three nice points. Same as his Mum. So, what goes around comes around ;) Hope you enjoyed the update!

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