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15 June 2012 @ 04:07 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 2.7  

Hey there! I have another update for you guys!
Warning: Usual spammage. You have been warned.

Johnny complained to me that he was tired. Dude, it was your fault. You're the one who decided to go on the stupid exercise bike for forty hours. So, don't come to me complaining. No way man.

After getting Johnny to bed, I found Sierra and Nathan rugged up in their parent's bed. It was so cute, because they slept soundly and never hopped out just because the other was there!

After shooting a few hoops, Freddie decided to tuck in all his kids. Well, all except Johnny. I don't think teens can be tucked in.

He didn't quite kiss his daughter as he kept looking at Nathan.

Then, after a (much needed) shower, he went to watch his Mum play the piano. It was annoying actually, as she was performing. So, my sims wanted to tip her. Sure, free money from nowhere, but they're all supposed to be sleeping!

Carolina seems chuffed with the 100 simoleons that Freddie gave her ;)

Johnny ended up going to bed too early because he nearly made himself pass out. So, he got up at 12am, had a (much needed) shower, and TUCKED IN NATHAN! ♥
But just as his Dad didn't manage to do, he didn't kiss Nathan properly because he kept looking at Sierra.

In the morning, Nathan made Sierra make the bed.

But I think he made it up to her by giving her a little tickle :P

I never got any spam of Jane and Freddie together because - well, they were always doing...something. So, I made Jane run outside, and all by herself, she decided to play shootout with Freddie ;)

You'd better do a good job as goalie, Freddie.

Err...I don't think you've quite got the gist of "catching".

You failed, Freddie! >:|

Freddie: Yeah, well she won't get away with it.

Good boy ;)

You better do us a good job, Freddie.

That's my Freddie ;)

The exercise bike has lured Jane with it's moulded handles and sweaty seat...

All on the same day too ;)

When I first saw this guy, I thought, "Oh hey! An alien! :D"

Then he did this...

And my happy thought turned into, "DIE DIE DIE DIE! D:<"

Here's a cute picture of Lucas. Oh, don't mind Johnny in the background. He just lost a game of chess to Carolina.

Err...Freddie...? Just as I said to Carolina the other day - only about Jane - I think Johnny's a bit old to be talking to toys. Don't you think?

Sierra: Nate, I fell on my butt! :(

Nathan: Aww, it's okay. I did that too :)


Nathan: Eoowch...I did it again :(

Johnny is so serious. Just like his Dad. Even with his transparent-like hair ;)

The next night, Sierra and Nathan stole their parent's bed again. Only this time, Nathan made it.

For the first time, Nathan isn't pillow fighting with Sierra.

I caught Carolina spying....ON HER OWN DAUGHTER!
But I don't know what Sylvia would be up to...I haven't even built her and Isabel a house yet!

Then Sylvia came running...

But she never made it because I locked the door on her x) Oh come on! She's your mother! Besides Sylvia, what the heck were you doing to make it so bad that you have to shove someone if they saw you? - That's the question I ask everyone of my sims that gets spied on. It never gets answered, but still. I have to ask it x)

Anyway folks, that's it for this update. Hope you enjoyed it!

: amusedamused