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15 June 2012 @ 04:19 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 2.9  

Here is the very last update for generation 2 of the Bridges Legacy!
Warning: Usual spammage. You have been warned.

If you remember, in the last update, Carolina died, Nicole came over, and the quads grew up. Well, this is Aaron and Nicole playing kicky bag and getting in everyone's way. They win at that.

You know, Freddie, that wolf may come back to haunt you someday.

I caught Lucas sleeping in his parent's bed, and before I could stop her, Jane slept there too. It looked kinda odd...but, I thought Lucas would get disgusted and get out, but he didn't...

During my break, I think I ought to post spam of Freddie's older sisters, don't you think? ;)

I found this cute ♥

I love you so much ♥

Just for comparison, click here ;)

More comparison ;)

And, more comparison ;)

Nathan looks like his Dad, no? ;) I'm not bothering to compare Freddie to Lucas, Johnny or Aaron because neither of those three look much like Freddie. They all look like their Mum :)

Here, have some Nathan-in-the-bathtub-spam.

Nathan: Dude, your game stinks!

Lucas: Yeah yeah. I like it that way :D

I never thought that losing a game of chess to your brother was so exciting.

Genetics-wise, Aaron and Nathan look like brothers. Facial structure-wise, not so much :P

Then Lucas ruined the happy mood by rejecting Aaron for Punch-You-Punch-Me :(

I'm sorry Aaron :( I'll do my best to fix your relationship.

Then Nicole called to speak to Lucas. As cute as it was, I was planning on getting all the kids to socialise! Bad timing Nicole, bad timing.


Daww, did your Daddy punch you too hard? *pouty face*

A shot of Johnny in his work outfit to show that I got him a job. See his ears? I checked everyone else, and Johnny and Sierra are the only ones who inherited those ears off of Freddie :( If only Nathan had got them too :(

Sibling bonding not going so well...

So I took matters into my own hands and made them all hang out ^_^

Johnny, Lucas and Nathan all love Sierra more than any of their other siblings. It's cute, as I see it as they're all protective of their sister ^_^ Only, Aaron doesn't like Sierra much, so I made her join in too.

She sat right next to Nathan x)

Well folks, that's it for generation 2! It's amazing, because neither Freddie nor Jane are elders yet XP But hey, they had kids early ;)
Hope you enjoyed it :)

: happyhappy