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15 June 2012 @ 07:33 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 3.1  

I'm finally here with the third generation of the Bridges Legacy!
Also, does anyone get the joke in the cover image? Anyone?

First off, my heir - Nathan Bridges! Remember, this is a patriarchy, so all my heirs will be male. I don't remember if I actually confirmed who my heir was, but still. Obligatory cute picture of my heir ♥
I also feel compelled to mention that all five of the kids did go to college, I just sped through it. I don't plan on boring you with college stuff anyway ;P

I completely demolished the old house and re-built another one from scratch! Going on with a different design here, and I can happily say that it took me nearly three weeks to finish this house! Yes, I am dead serious. When it comes to building, I'm quite reluctant and often lose interest quite easily, hence why it took me nearly three weeks to finish it. Besides that, I'm a perfectionist. Anyway, they're still on the same lot, just with a different building. Oh, and they have a bridge too! :D

Now, I wouldn't be me without some spam, but then this whole update is practically filled with pictures of the house. Well, you can't blame me, seeing as there are four bedrooms, six bathrooms and an extra little gaming flat at the back.

Nathan's bed was previously Carolina's (or should I say his Grandma's?), so she shouldn't be angry at me for deleting her bed.

Don't ask me what's up with the mirror. I think the reflective walls were playing havoc in the bathroom behind the closet, and then somehow did something to the mirror. Cloning the picture would have resulted in a horrible picture, so eh.

I didn't take pictures of all the bathrooms, only this one, Jane and Freddie's, and the main bathroom downstairs and upstairs.

Yeah that bottle is floating...I tried to select the OMSP it was on, but another one was blocking the way and I couldn't for the life of me select the bottle's OMSP and lower it. So yeah. Floating bottle for you all ;P

Obligatory picture of the Dodge Viper :D
Yes, I am a girl, and I am a fan of cars. Got a problem with that? ;)

Erm, I guess this is the graveyard...? *shrugs* It's not your usual creepy, loomy and grey graveyard, but yeah.

The only thing I didn't knock down was the playground. I kept that up, as you can see here :)

The gaming flat also has its own bathroom, but I decided not to take pictures of it.

Kinda looks like a bachelor pad, doesn't it? ;P

The back of the house. Sadly, it's Winter, so the flowers aren't all pretty-ful :(

And so, here we begin! Here are Nathan's stats:

Zodiac: Capricorn - 10/3/3/10/9
Turn Ons: Mechanical & Full-Face Make Up
Turn Off: Grey Hair
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime Want: Become Education Minister

I love him, and not just because he's cute. He's also nice and neat, which means, he's nice, neat and cute all in the one package!

First things first - find a wife. This means, calling the matchmaker. Well, the matchmaker is my first go. If she turns out to be a dud (which was completely the opposite with Ollie, if you remember), that's when we go on wife hunts. Yep. Looooove the wife hunt.

Nathan makes the cutest faces ^_^

Stupid matchmaker was a dud. Didn't take pics to save you guys from the stupidity.
If you read Nathan's stats, you would have seen that his turn off is GREY HAIR. Yes well, the matchmaker decides to pair him off with the COLLEGE COACH. If I recall, all the coaches are ELDERLY.
She then tried to pair him off with some ugly college dormie. No thanks, I have enough EAxis fug in the Crestbet Legacy.

I then took Nathan to a community lot called Tropaqua Plaza. I can't take credit for building this place though.
Anyway, look who I spotted! It's Nathan's Aunt Sylvia!
Just a recap, Sylvia is one of the older sisters of Freddie. She's also one part of a set of twins.

Freddie then decided to treat himself to a drink at the bar.

I couldn't help but giggle like a school girl when I saw him make these faces XD

What the...?

I hope you're not making that face at her. No way am I letting her creep into this legacy. Besides, her eyes are out of whack. I deleted them.

Freddie: Are you sure?

Damn right I am.

Who are you pointing to? Unless of course, you're pointing out the fact that Sylvia can't dance, then well, that's acceptable.

The search for a wife kinda went sour, as all the sims had ruined eyes because I gave my game a good clean out before starting generation 3. But as Nathan was leaving, I spotted his Aunt Nicole! Whom I sadly thought was a townie and thought about pairing her up with him >.>
Another recap, Nicole is one part of a set of twins and is the younger sister of Sylvia and the older sister of Freddie.

When the search for a wife goes sour, there's nothing better for a knowledge sim to do than study! With the Thinking Cap!
Oh well, hope you enjoyed the update!

: cheerfulcheerful