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15 June 2012 @ 07:43 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 3.2  

This update poses a few surprises...but you'll have to read it to find out! ;)

Why yes, that was Carolina in the cover pic! Here she is again. Her hair is different because I deleted all my MM hairs. So, she automatically got that hair. Which is odd, because her hair appears to be dark brown, and she clearly was a redhead...

She then took advantage of this appearance by scaring Jane. But as you can see, Jane has no problem with being scared...

I still love my Freddie ^_^

I can't believe you are Nathan's father. You look younger than him!

The wife hunting was still going sour, so I took advantage of the "Summon Aliens" benefit and got Nathan on to it straight away!

Although, take note of the lighting in this pic, and then in the next.

That, is how long it took for him to get abducted.

Nothing happened while he was gone, so I'm skipping to when he got back.

Gee, care more about the noise, don't ya?

Nathan: Owwww...my butt...

Nathan: Eugh...On second tought, that hurt my pride more than my butt.

Awww, my poor little buddy. It'll be worth it in the end! ^_^

Again, his hair is different because I deleted his old hair. But still, he's my OLLIE.
I still miss you :(

Nathan popped :D But you can't tell all that much because his outfit doesn't have a preg morph.

Poor Jane. The only time she's in the update is when she gets scared by her late mother-in-law.

Maybe the reason I don't include her much is because of her scary outbursts?

Back over to Nathan, there's nothing better for a pregnant man to do but study, am I right?

What the heck is this? I hear you say.
Take a look here:

I had TEH SMARTEST WOLF EVAH spawn onto the Bridges lot.


This is the last time you'll ever see Freddie like this :(
Well, apart from the birthday cake image.

Birthday time!

Wow. My first born-in-game sim to become an elder. No seriously, it's true.

Then, at that point, the picture-in-picture-window popped up to tell me that they had vermin. Thanks loser townie who kicked over their trashcan! 'Coz I really need my sims to go over and stomp and them and end up with a cold or flu. Yeah. Way to ruin the party mood >.>

Man, you look so much like your Dad :'(

Freddie and Nathan still have that special father-son bond ♥

Then, right after the special father-son bonding, Nathan decides to give birth.

Awww...for the first time ever, I was actual hoping for more than one :P

Petra Bridges

I had a feeling I had heard this name before...only to have relayed this to Becca and have her tell me it is the name of a Christian band I had recently discovered XD

Errr...thanks exterminator-lady....you can go kill the vermin now before one of my sims tries to stomp on them.

Too late. Jane wouldn't stop crying after this. It was really, really annoying >.>

After her breakdown, she decided to bond with her granddaughter :)

Then it was time for her own birthday!

Errr...yeah no. I really need default replacements for the elder clothing. Not only that, but I need more elder clothing!

Freddie and Nathan: *stand there staring at eachother*

I took Nathan out to buy clothes for his Mum, and Nicole walked by again.

It was also a chance for me to take another shot at trying to find Nathan a wife. This lady here tried to charm him, but Nathan was having none of it. Besides that, they only had one bolt. If I recall correctly, I have the "True Love" handicap, which means my heirs can only marry someone with whom they have three bolts with. Damn. That makes this wife hunting thing even harder >.<

Sorry lady, but the man has spoken!
He tried making her feel better after that by trying to entertain her with a school cheer, but he never got the chance to because she was so busy browsing through the jewelry rack.

Jane seems to love being a grandparent ^_^

When wife hunting goes sour, -again- summon aliens :)

While waiting -and hoping- for Nathan to get abducted again, Ollie Freddie bonds with his granddaughter ♥

At which point, Nathan finally got abducted. Didn't take as long as it did last time though, which was a plus ^_^

HA...it never gets old XD

And here is where I leave you ^_^ More to come soon, so stay tuned!