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15 June 2012 @ 07:49 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 3.3  

Yep. Another update!

So, Nathan got abducted, yet again, and we see Jane here. I wonder if she's okay with all this?

I take that as a no.

Freddie, on the other hand, can't seem to get enough.

Freddie: Yes! More grandchildren! :D

The next day, it was time for little Petra to grow up.

Errr...let's just skip straight to the makeover pic and spammage.

Petra Bridges
Aquarius 0/3/2/10/10

Damn it. She's totally sloppy. Well, in any case, I find she looks so much cuter now ^_^

Petra likes drawing. It's all she ever seems to do. But she's cute. Too bad she can't be heir...

First bump of the second pregnancy! I also totally forgot to take a picture of the second bump, so eh.

He may be pregnant, but no way am I letting Nathan go about making his parents care for his daughter. Means he ends up feeling like crap at the end of the day, but as long as Petra's okay, I don't mind :D

After the potty training, Nathan decided he needed a good, long...play in the...bathtub...

Poor Petra :( Her Daddy was so busy playing in the bathtub, that he forgot about her!


Daww, I love you ♥

She's so cute ♥

Freddie still appreciates the piano. Too bad nobody appreciates Freddie's performances XP

Freddie: It goes like this "Cheeby tumba loona.."

Freddie: Owwwwhhhh. She's never gonna get it :(

You're right. She's more interested in picking her nose.

Freddie: *sighs*

Oh hey! Carolina! :D
Wait - are you mad because I deleted your toilet?

I think Jane is very happy to see she's going to get another grandchild.

I think she's quite giddy, don't you think? ;)

Teaching Petra to walk was lovely to watch ♥

What wasn't lovely was hearing Jane yell from downstairs at the fact that the quarterback from the Sim City Llamas forgot to tie his shoe lace, which cost him and his team the whole game.

I love watching toddlers learn to walk ^_^ ♥

Freddie FINALLY gains an audience ;)

For a three-point nice sim, Freddie makes an awesome granddad ♥

Then Nathan makes it awkward for himself when he decides to give birth in between the wall of his bedroom and his closet.

Daww, only one?

Alena Bridges

Yup. Another girl. Damn. And damn at the fact that this PT hack is screwed. The person who made it somehow made an error and all of the sims end up with the second skin. At this point, this is when I changed my PT hack. I want proper aliens!

When the going gets tough, and the going doesn't give you what you want, summon more aliens! :D In the hail! :D During the day! :D

And that is the end of this update :)

: chipperchipper