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15 June 2012 @ 07:57 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 3.4  

On with the update, yes?

Okay, so we begin with Freddie lecturing Alena for pooping in her nappy/diaper/whatever.
(Americans say diaper, Australians say nappy)

What do you expect? She's a baby! Besides, that's what the nappy is for!

Jane wanted to go fishing, so I let her. It's just amazing how much I hated her before and now I've come to like her.

Obligatory picture of Petra. 'Coz I can ♥

We left off in the last update with Nathan summoning aliens, and he finally got abducted! :D

I'm sorry buddy, but to continue this patriarchic legacy, I need you to have a boy. So far, you've had two girls.
MOAR ALIEN BABIES. Preferrably male, please and thanks :D

While Nathan was gone, Fiona dropped by! :D
Seems I have deleted her old hair and clothing...I must play her and her sisters.

It's so weird to think that Fiona is Freddie's older sister, yet he's the one with the white hair!

Jane finally meets one of her sister-in-laws.

But the socialising didn't last long, for Nathan came back! I wonder how Fiona will take it?

Dawww, she's a worried aunt ^_^

Jane seems to have gotten used to it and thinks the whole thing is hilarious. It is, actually :P

But I don't think Nathan finds it as funny...

Fiona came at just the right time - to see her nephew get back from space, and to see one of her great-nieces grow up! :D

She looks okay from here. But I think a makeover is still in order. And perhaps a more dignified picture?

Nathan meets his Aunt Fiona for the first time, and I don't think he was impressed.

Gee. Some nephew Nathan is. But by now, I bet he's older than her XP

Poor Fiona :( She was only trying to be nice!

Fiona took all her sorrows and buried them while performing on the piano. I couldn't hear anything, as this is a custom piano, but it sure was funny to see her moving her fingers wildly only to have no sound come out XD

Petra followed her great-aunt upstairs and began drawing. Drawing has to be just about the only thing Petra does.

At this point, Nathan came upstairs and tipped Fiona. Dunno how much he gave her though.

Petra: Daddy! Look what I drew!

Petra: Look!

So, all in all, Petra is a pretty cute kid. Only downside is that she has NO NEAT POINTS. For a neat freak like me, this is bad, as I hate it when my sims don't make their beds in the morning D:
Heck, I hate it when I see my family's unmade beds XD

Fiona liked her tips. Well, that's what I'm guessing, judging by the look on her face. She stayed until 2am. Performing nothing on the piano. Can you imagine doing that at your little brother's house? I can't even imagine doing that anywhere!

Lucky for Petra, it was Saturday the next day. It was a good excuse to get some spam of her playing on the playground :)

Then it was back to school. Homework is always a drag. Just ask my younger cousin Katie.
Not that Katie seems to get much, and apparently, they get like a fortnight to finish only one measly piece of paper with activities on it. What kinda homework is that? And a whole fortnight too? Pssh.

But I'm sure it's made a whole better when you have an awesome Dad helping you out :D

Awesome, PREGNANT Dad, that is ;)

Finally, it was time for Alena to grow up. The moment of truth has come!

Hang on, is that...?

'Scuse the potty pic, but as soon as she grew up, Alena needed to use the potty really badly.
But, Nathan's nose comes from his Dad, who in turn, got his nose from Ollie! :D This means, that this very nose has made it through FOUR generations :D

Alena Bridges
Aries 8/10/3/1/10

I usually play favourites by accident, and this time, it definitely is Alena ♥
And, she's NEAT!

She's such a cutie pie! ♥

Freddie got first dibs on putting Alena in her crib ♥

If only this wasn't a patriarchy, I totally would have picked Alena as heiress :P

Freddie has given up on the piano and has now taken up giving strangers "Financial Consulting". Dunno about you, but this consulting strangers business gives them 200 simoleons per hour :D

I'm probably going to be spamming you guys with Alena a little too much...

Petra rolled the want to play peek-a-boo, which means, peek-a-boo spam :)

Then Nathan came along to admire his two daughters bonding ♥
He actually looked quite funny waddling by XP

Hope you enjoyed the update :)

: happyhappy
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