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15 June 2012 @ 08:03 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 3.5  

Time for another update!

So, we begin with the ever adorable, Alena. She's awesome ♥

While watching Nathan teach Alena to talk, he made the cutest faces! I love my legacy ♥


Jane makes an awesome, doting grandma ♥

Don't I know someone else who does this too?

Hmmm...I wonder who else does this? [/sarcasm]

Petra finally got bored of the bathtub and joined her granddad playing chess. It's weird seeing Petra engage herself into such a serious game. She's just not that type of sim to do this sorta stuff...

Oooh hey! Baby bump! :D
And, I don't think shoving your arms in through the mirror is a good idea.

He looks so funny with the belly bulge XD

I can't take him seriously anymore!

Jane autonomously tucking in Petra was so sweet ♥

Nathan still loves to juggle when he's pregnant. Must be a hormone thing.

Seems little Alena wants her Daddy's attention.

Dawww, how can you say no to that? ♥

This is what happens when you're watching your pregnant heir and you hear a squeal of laughter.
Makes for a good picture though :D

I got mad at Jane for picking up Alena and walking off with her while she was trying to sleep on her baby blanket.

Turns out she knew Alena was tired and put her in the crib instead.

Wow. VERY lady-like Petra, VERY.
Oh well. It's what you get when you have a NO NEAT-POINTS sim.
Yes. It still bugs me.

As is tradition, I made Petra wish for Lifelong Happiness. I did it for the first two generations born, so why not the rest? :D
Besides, it means I never have to deal with sims having aspirational failures XD

Just as Jane did in the last update (I think it was the last...?), Freddie decided it was his turn to talk to his unborn grandchild ^_^

Nathan was just about to give birth, and the pop-up told me has was having twins. But, before it disappeared, my whole game crashed. Luckily, I saved right after I took this picture :P

Once I finally got my game back up, it decides to give me just ONE baby. Okay, I guess.

Corinne Bridges

Damn. Another girl. Oh well. MORE ALIEN BABIES.
And yes, my PT hacks aren't working right. I'm looking into it, and maybe in the future, I'll manually add the alien skintones via SimPE.



Nathan's abduction woke everyone up, and I came over to see Petra giving her little sister a family kiss ♥

While her Dad was gone, Petra couldn't nag him to read to her. So instead, she played on the playground!
The playground needs lots of attention, you know. Spam!

As I'm pretty sure I said to one of your Great-Aunts, Aunts or Uncles, who are you waving to?

Daww, do we haz teh butt-hurts?

Don't worry, I'm sure your Dad understands and feels your pain ;)


Then Freddie ruins the moment by arguing with Nathan.

Freddie: Why aren't your kids alien enough?! I want a grandson! Why won't you have a boy?!

And here's a picture of Jane and Freddie to show that they're still going strong. Well, strong emotionally. Just not physically XP

Anyway, that's this Bridges update done and dusted! Hope you liked it :)

: cheerfulcheerful