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15 June 2012 @ 08:09 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 3.6  

Time for another update!

Today, we just jump right into it, with Alena's birthday.

Dawww, she's still cute ♥ Now to get her out of fugly Maxis stuff.

One word: ADORABLE. ♥

This makes more sense than Petra playing. Petra just isn't the type, whereas Alena is.

I think Nathan might have influenced his Dad...a little too much...maybe.

Wishing again! :)

Now that there are two children, playing on the playground shouldn't be so lonesome for Petra.


Nathan's baby bump! Featuring: the Thinking Cap!


Watching Petra and Alena play together was the sweetest ♥ My sims usually have rotten relationships with their siblings, so to see them having fun and getting along was a nice change :)

Then it was time for Corinne to grow up :D Here's hoping she doesn't look odd.

Daww, she looks a bit like Alena :3

Heh second baby bump :P

Alena: *thinks to herself* I wonder why Daddy got fat?

Then at Corinne's birthday, Petra decides to show off her playful side. I wonder who the victim is?

I'm not sure if it was a good idea to shock your pregnant father, but sure as hell was funny XD

I always think that learning all toddler skills is a must. Well, for my game it is, anyway x)
Which reminds me...

Corinne Bridges
Aries 10/8/3/0/4

Isn't she cute? She's got chubby cheeks :3 She also shares the same nose as Alena :)

I have to admit, I'm now at a loss as to who is my favourite. Corinne is just so cute! ♥

Having Nathan put her in her crib was so cute ♥

She must be Daddy's little girl :) Well, Daddy's third little girl, that is XP

Then Nathan gave birth while studying XD
It's the Thinking Cap that just takes all the suspense out of it and turns it into hilariousness XP

Twins? I don't believe you.

Kallie Bridges

Keenan Bridges

Jenna Bridges

Triplets! And my game didn't crash, so they got saved, and I FINALLY GOT A BOY.
Does this mean Keenan is automatically heir? Maybe. Nathan has the want to get abducted again, so, I'm going to get him abducted, but whether it results in pregnancy, we'll just have to see ;)

So, Corinne's (late) birthday present was three younger siblings. Isn't that lovely? :)

Teehee...I still love 'im ♥

Then while Nathan was teaching Corinne to walk, Freddie walks upstairs to play with Kallie! ♥

At least....I think it was Kallie...

I just happened to take this picture at the exact moment the sun set, and the lights weren't on >:|

They came on eventually.
Damn...I just realised that Corinne was playing the Xylophone while Keenan was sleeping...

Nathan never seems to get bored of playing in the bathtub. I got bored of it by the time I was nine. I guess some people sims never grow up ;P

Well, that's the end of this update! Hope you enjoyed it :)

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