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15 June 2012 @ 08:19 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 3.7  

Another update! :)

Freddie finally gets recognition for his amazing musical ability.

Nathan embraces fatherhood once more ^_^

I LOVE my Nathan ^_^ ♥

Petra and Alena hugged! On their own! ♥ They look like real BFFs ^_^

Then Nathan decided to tuck in his eldest daughters ♥

Nathan having triplets was HECTIC. I mean, sure, Freddie had quads, but he had them when Johnny was already a child, so it wasn't that hard for me to take care of them. But Nathan has a toddler too, so it was even harder than I anticipated!
But Jane was always there to lend a loving, helping hand ^_^

Not to mention Freddie. Freddie was there too ;)
Freddie had great timing; whenever I was so caught up with getting everyone to feel better and forgot about Corinne, he'd come along and take care of her for me ^_^ ♥

Then finally, time for Petra to grow up. This means more help with the triplets!

Okay, so I did end up giving Petra a makeover, but I stupidly forgot to take a picture until Part 3.8, so you won't see her looking any better than this until then ;P

Petra Bridges
Aquarius 0/3/2/10/10
Turn Ons: Swimwear & Formal
Turn Off: Lycanthropy
Aspiration: Romance
Lifetime Want: Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers

Hooray. Romance. Just like her Uncle Aaron. Which reminds me, I really must play him...

She has manners to brag about, does she not? [/sarcasm]

Eugh. Not very nice for someone who wishes to have 20 lovers. Good luck finding men that appreciate a gas-relieving woman XD

Or maybe they'll be interested in the roadshow-clown in you?

Then, THE MOMENT OF TRUTH. The triplets are all growing up! Up first - Keenan and Kallie!

Okay, so before I got to do proper makeovers - THEY HUGGLED! ♥ I ADORE toddler huggles! ♥♥

And then they huggled again ♥

Then finally, it was Jenna's turn.

He got his Daddy's nose :D

Keenan Bridges
Capricorn 9/7/0/10/9

Jenna Bridges
Taurus 10/0/6/10/0

She doesn't have her Dad's nose, but she still is so adorable ♥

Teehee...she's a cutie ^_^ ♥

('Scuse little Corinne in the background there XD)

Kallie Bridges
Libra 1/8/1/10/9

I think Kallie looks a lot like Jenna, which is probably why I keep confusing the two ;P

Dawww, look at that face ♥

Kallie and Keenan ♥

Freddie seems happy that he finally has a grandson ^_^

Well, that's it for this update. Hope you enjoyed it :)