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15 June 2012 @ 08:48 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 3.9  


We begin with erm...three quarters of Corinne? I came into the game, and her legs were gone O.o
Made her take a shower, and as she spun around and stepped into the shower, she had legs. As soon as she got out and changed into her everyday (which is the outfit above), her legs disappeared again. I think there's something wrong with this mesh...

Moving on. I found Alena and Keenan playing horsies :3

As you know, I gave up on the wife-hunt ages ago, especially since half the females here have no eyes (I deleted them) and every time I called the matchmaker, she always gave poor Nathan an old lady. So, there's really nothing better for a single knowledge man like Nathan, to do other than summon aliens. Whether I care if he gets abducted and pregnant or not remains to be seen. I guess another child would be nice...Just as long as it's a boy. Nathan already has FIVE daughters.

Speaking of his daughters, here are Kallie and Jenna :)
These two were always at the activity table together; whenever Keenan came around, they both coincidentally stopped and went elsewhere.

Watching Petra bond with her siblings makes me see her as a hopeless-romantic, instead of a sleazy one. So, when she's older, I'll probably get her married and have her own kids ;P

Alena is just so awesome and loves to play with her younger siblings ♥

Corinne, however, could learn a few lessons off of Alena.

By the time I realised what Corinne was doing, I was too late to stop her :(

Poor Kallie :(

Corinne! >:|

But then big sister Alena comes along and makes it all better ^_^ ♥

Oh hey, whaddaya' know? Nathan did get abducted and pregnant ;)
But what the heck is up with that tummy? Seems the pants have a preg morph and the shirt doesn't...such a shame. I really like those tops...

Corinne tries to make me like her again by talking to her Dad's tummy.

I have to admit, I did "awwww" a lot while she was doing this :3

Then came the triplets' birthday :)

Hehehe...do you see Nathan in the background - in mid air? x)

Yowza...I forgot I to remove one of those defaults.

Keenan Bridges

Jenna Bridges

Kallie Bridges

I think all three of them grew up quite nicely :)

Then came Alena's birthday :)

Erm...first off, I hate the outfit. Second, she seems to have gained a second "Bridges Family Trait"; the first one being the nose, the second being the long face.

But as I was giving Alena her makeover, Keenan decides to be crafty x)

Any guesses as to who he's going to get? ;)


Luckily, Keenan has a high relationship with both his triplets, so Jenna didn't get mad at him.

Did I ever mention that Kallie LOVES to pillow fight?

Alena Bridges
Aries 8/10/3/1/10
Turn Ons: Hard Worker & Underwear
Turn Off: Cologne
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime Want: Become Head of SCIA

Finally, we have Alena. She's pretty, isn't she? :) I see so much of Nathan in her ^_^

Petra may be the SLOPPIEST SIM ON THE PLANET, but she's still an awesome big sister ^_^

Keenan may be the only boy, but he still seems to enjoy his sisters' company :3

Nathan: Ermm? Hi? Yeah, I'm ready to give birth now.
And you know what? My game didn't crash this time!

Ooh good. Only one.
At this point, Freddie decided to leave the room because watching Nathan give birth creeped him out. He took a bath instead of watching the birth of his seventh grandchild. Nice, Freddie. Nice.

Jonah Bridges

Another boy!

And then it was time for Jonah to grow up. I know, so quick, right? Well, I've gone overboard with all the spammage, so I thought that maybe...I should cut down a little? ;P I swear, I didn't cheat to age him up! Just...nothing interesting happened while he was a baby :/

Jonah Bridges
Sagittarius 1/6/10/10/8

Does this mean Keenan has some competition? Oh yes it does ;)
Oh yes, credit for Jonah's name goes to my little cousin Katie. She stood next to me for nearly ten minutes spitting out names for me x)

Here's a picture of Keenan finishing off his slide down the stairs to bring this update to an end :)
I would have loved to get a picture of him actually sliding down, but I missed it.
Also, Nathan only has six days until he's an elder...Can you believe it?

: workingworking