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15 June 2012 @ 09:31 pm
The Bridges Legacy - 3.10  

This, is the very last update for the Bridges Legacy. Not just for generation 3, but forever :| I'll explain why at the bottom of this post.

Here's little Jonah ♥ He's so cute, little and snuggly!

I think Jane is quite fond of Jonah ^_^


I love you ♥

I was so happy, until Jane disappeared from the family tree D:



Bye bye Jane :'( I may have hated you at first, but I came to like you in the end *cries*

Did I mention that Jane died on Corinne's BIRTHDAY? Some birthday present, huh?

Eugh. Stupid EAxis.

:'( This practically broke my heart, especially since I know how it feels to lose a loved one just before your birthday :(

Poor Corinne :( But she looks pretty nevertheless, doesn't she? :)

Zodiac: Aries 10/8/3/0/4
Turn Ons: Mechanical & Make Up
Turn Off: Athletic
Aspiration: Popularity
Lifetime Want: Become Hall of Famer

I included the zodiac because we haven't seen her in a while :)

Then just about everyone started crying.

I think Nathan is feeling rather sad, and must deal with it by tucking in all his children.

Away from the sadness, sits a little boy with chubby little cheeks! :3

I think Alena is consoling Jonah - even though he has no idea that his grandmother just passed away.

Of course you approve. She sucks real bad but she's your daughter, so you'll tell her anything.
OHAI hobby dude!

Erm...that's a painting...not a mirror...>.>

It's now time for Jonah's birthday!

Ugh. I need more default replacement clothes >.>

It looks like he's practically eating the whole cake! XD

I don't think Keenan approves of his little brother's eating habits.

You're angry, but you're cute with it :3

Jonah Bridges

By the way, here's Jonah's makeover picture. I forgot, again x)

Next, we have FOUR birthdays :D
Up first, Jenna and Keenan :)

Errrr...the most awkward picture ever for Jenna....O.o


Then, Nathan and Kallie :D
Yes. This does mean Nathan will be old while his father is still alive. What can I say? Freddie had kids early XD


While on her way to get clothes, Kallie decided to give us a present.

Nice, Kallie. Nice.

Kallie Bridges
Zodiac: Libra 1/8/1/10/9
Turn Ons: Black Hair & Charismatic
Turn Off: Hard Worker
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime Want: *hasn't generated one yet*

She may be sloppy, but she's still very pretty in my opinion ^_^

Jenna Bridges
Zodiac: Taurus 10/0/6/10/0
Turn Ons: Black Hair & Undies
Turn Off: Swimwear
Aspiration: Popularity
Lifetime Want: Become Captain Hero

I think Jenna is my favourite out of the girls :)

Keenan Bridges
Zodiac: Capricorn 9/7/0/10/9
Turn Ons: Hats & Red Hair
Turn Off: Facial Hair
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime Want: Become Hand of Poseidon


Nathan Bridges

I can't believe my 3rd generation heir is old :'( But I still love 'im anyway ^_^

Do you think Corinne is surprised? What gives it away? ;)

Awwww ♥

Here I leave you with a picture of Freddie reading Jonah to sleep ♥

I didn't realise back when I began just how much geneticised skins and eyes can affect your game. I also forgot to delete a custom set of skins, so I'm pretty sure that some of the sims in this legacy have one of those custom skins, hence why this generation has the exact same skin. I ended up deleting the game that they were in, which made me really sad :(
But the borked genetics just killed my enthusiasm, because who wants to play a legacy for ten generations, only to find that they all have the exact same skin? Oh well - goodbye Bridges, I loved you so much! ♥

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