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16 June 2012 @ 12:53 pm
The Lurkers - A Pseudo VDSL - Part 1.1  

Here we are again :)

Featuring sims by: [info]in_as_much + [info]jesstheex + [info]kathsy + [info]libertiin + [info]maytesims + [info]rosalen_knight + [info]verocchio + [info]xbeccyx

Crystal (by [info]maytesims) seems to be a rather good friend of Noah's.

Although, she does happen to be very nice towards Bekah too! YAY CHEAPER FURNITURE.

Speaking of nice, Amazon (by [info]xbeccyx) definitely isn't. In fact, NONE of Becca's Raynebeaus are. You'll see what I mean later into this update and in future updates.

Hello! What do we have here? Seems there's love happenin' at Bekah and Noah's wedding!

Apparently, Crystal isn't one to settle for just one man.

YIKES. Seems my sims are all on the move - via the love train! Coraline (by [info]libertiin) and Ryan (by [info]in_as_much) are happily into eachother.
This could pose a problem. What if all the townies hook up with eachother? Then how will my heirs continue the legacy? D:



HA. I see you there Pow ;)

They are now happily married, and the first thing they do: Cuddle under the stars :3

WHOO. But that may be due to all the love that was goin' on. They couldn't afford a stereo, so people just kept makin' moves on eachother.

Speaking of moves, this definitely isn't one of Noah's finer points.


Way to piss off a zombie Noah :\

Speaking of which, it's Tuesday! I rolled the last challenge on the Tuesday, therefore I will roll a new challenge each Tuesday.
So, Bekah isn't a zombie anymore!

I used the Sim Selector, and WHO DID IT CHOOSE?

So. I sent Bekah out while Noah was at work, forgetting that it was WAY too early for any vampires. Still, Bekah had her fun :)

Then Noah joined her, and they cuddled under the stars - again :3

Seems Sunset (by [info]rosalen_knight) and Bret (by [info]jesstheex) have a little romance blossoming.
In this town, WHO DOESN'T??

Aww poor Ship! :( (by [info]xbeccyx)
[info]rosalen_knight's Zooscopy was being a real jerk to Ship the entire time, and I'm pretty sure it ended in fisticuffs.

Preparation is in order!

I gave up searching for a vampire (I turned a couple of [info]pixel_trade sims into vampires) and just used the sim transformer again.
Bekah doesn't look bad as a vampire - I think it suits her! :)

Nothing for a vampire to do than wash windows. Sorry, PREGNANT vampire. I somehow lost the picture of when Bekah popped...

HA. Seems Pow and Bianca (by [info]verocchio) have something in common.

Thanks, Blueberry. It's not like we needed it anyway!

Baby time!

Uxia Lurker
She's inherited everything from her father genetically.

And here's where I leave you :)
Hope you enjoyed it!

: calmcalm
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Hayley: {cloudless-days} ♥ Do You Remember?chalkmetal on January 24th, 2013 12:06 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm happy that you like it :3