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16 June 2012 @ 01:00 pm
The Lurkers - A Pseudo VDSL - Part 1.2  

My computer didn't crash once! Hooray :D

Featuring sims by: [info]in_as_much + brief appearance of Bianca by [info]verocchio

I forgot to mention last time that Noah got promoted to General. I was actually shocked when he moved in to see how high he was up in the Military ladder - two promotions later, he's at the top!

Upon his return, it was Uxia's birthday! :D

Uxia Lurker
Cancer, 5/5/7/6/8

I failed to mention in the last update that to keep my interest, I'll be naming sims of each generation with a different theme. This generation's theme is Galician.
Uxia looks so much like her Daddy :3

Yes, because that's not scary AT ALL.


Uxia is very much a Daddy's girl. Well, it's hard not to be when your mother has to remain in her coffin all day and doesn't surface until night.

Birthday time! Again.

She grew into her chin! She has Noah's nose :3

Obligatory picture to show that Bekah is indeed pregnant again :)
And also to show that she gets in her daughter's way. She just stands there...lifeless. HA probably because she is x)
But seriously, if my vampires are feeling good, with their moods all in the green, they stand around and don't do anything. AT ALL.

Aww ♥

You're only in your first trimester! What are you carrying? A baby hippo?

They couldn't afford another bed, so poor Uxia had to share with her Dad. Bekah was a model mother by tucking her in ♥

Then after a bonus from Noah, I managed to expand the house! And before anyone asks, YES, the wallpaper on the top storey is SUPPOSED to be slightly different in colour ;)

Yeah. Because that makes sense.

Aww ♥♥

Uxia: ROCK!
Bianca (by [info]verocchio - she's on the left): PAPER - I WIN!

WHAT. Well, it explains why she thought it was so painful in her first trimester.

Carme Lurker

Artur Lurker

Xoan Lurker

Hooray for triplets! Hooray for barely being able to afford the cribs! So, to remember which one was which, I had Artur in the yellow crib, Carme in the pink crib, and Xoan in the green crib.

Much of Noah's and Bekah's attention turned to the triplets, so I let Uxia roam free. Turns out her calling is painting, and she painted around five of these suckers during the week.

She's still my window-washing vampire :3

Awww ♥

This shot is very orange. It was sunset, okay? ;P

Then the day I had been waiting for arrived - the triplets' birthday!

Carme Lurker
Aries, 10/10/9/0/1

Artur Lurker
Scorpio, 7/6/6/3/3

Xoan Lurker
Gemini, 7/10/10/0/8

Artur is my favourite :3

And that's where I leave you :)
You may have noticed - but I didn't roll a weekly challenge. This was due to the fact that a custom bed was causing my game to throw errors everytime I left Noah, Bekah or Uxia on their own. It would come up with a dialogue box, saying "Object Error: Chairs Surrounding Bed". So, much of my time was spent trying to figure out WHY it was saying that, and HOW I could fix it. Apart from that, my twelve year old cousin Katie sat next to me and distracted me from the entire challenge, so I forgot to roll one >.>

ANYWAY. Hope you enjoyed it :)

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Hayley: {cloudless-days} ♥ Godardchalkmetal on January 24th, 2013 12:10 am (UTC)
Artur was such a cutie :3 It explains why his own children are cuties too!