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16 June 2012 @ 01:02 pm
The Lurkers - A Pseudo VDSL - Part 1.3  

Lots of hugging in this update! :)

Featuring sims by: [info]chitina_sims + [info]in_as_much (spouse) + [info]jesstheex + [info]kathsy + [info]rosalen_knight + [info]uleishi

First thing I did as soon as I realised it was Tuesday - roll a challenge! In the last update, I only skipped one week, so I suppose it's okay ;P
At least this challenge doesn't involve turning anyone into a supernatural. But it is kind of pointless, seeing as I don't have any NPCs hired currently.

I love toddler huggles ♥

Eeek...talk about eating hair - how about it going through your face? :S

I got Uxia to teach each of the triplets the Nursery Rhyme :3

Poor Noah gets copped with all the toddler attention. It's good, and bad. Good because they're after snuggles and whatnot, but bad because he's stuck and perhaps, overwhelmed?

But he had to fear no more, for it was Uxia's birthday!
That lady in the uniform is [info]jesstheex's Blythe. Noah brought her home from work.

Uxia Lurker
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind
Personality: Cancer, 5/5/7/6/8
Turn Ons: Formal & Athletic
Turn Off: Swimwear

For someone so pretty, you wouldn't think she'd want to be a criminal, would you? I know I wouldn't.

It was also the triplets' birthday! Hooray for no more sleepless nights!

Carme Lurker

Artur Lurker

Xoan Lurker

I think they all grew up pretty well :)

Blythe -much to my annoyance- caught fireflies, and let them die in the jar :( But before I had even noticed, Carme went and cleaned the jar all by herself.

I think this generation likes hugging :3

Uxia hasn't made any friends outside of the family, so I got her to greet Gordie (by [info]kathsy).

But because they had bad chemistry, it made it really hard for them to become friends :|

In the end, Uxia just left him and started painting - which proved successful!

Of course! Because EVERYONE wants to play kicky-bag in the bathroom!

I mentioned in my last update that I was getting an error. This would be it. Once I deleted all the beds in their house, the error stopped coming up. But as soon as I bought them back again, and left my sims to roam free, the error would be thrown again.

In my bid to keep the Lurkers busy, Noah got abducted :S

That's it Bekah, complain about the noise!

Yeah, hooray for abductions! :D
Alas, he did not get pregnant because he was four days away from elder-hood.

WHAT. If that causes any serious damage, YOU'RE paying the repair bills, buddy.

Eventually, the error got the better of me and I ended up moving the Lurkers to a new lot. I tried to keep the same style going, and I saved all their furniture from the last house, to save on money. They still only ended up with $1000 >.>

Then Tuesday came around again and I got a really simple challenge - much to my happiness :)

I got Bekah to make five platters of Grilled Cheese sandwiches so that I'd remember to get everyone to "Get Leftovers" rather than cooking a new meal and accidently choosing one that has meat in it.

Grilled cheese, anyone?

Wow, you're made for eachother! Sage ([info]rosalen_knight) and Lilia ([info]chitina_sims) have FANTASTIC table manners. Kinda reminds me of my cousin Katie's table manners x)
Anyway - I sent Uxia out to try and make more friends, and it proved utterly pointless.

My sim Lillian (who is not pictured) ordered a Nectarine tartlette and left without touching it. So Uxia got a free meal :D
And then everyone acted like a fool and tried - uhm I dunno what they tried doing :|
All I know, is that they were stood there, all complaining about some hedge.
(The girl in the middle is [info]uleishi's Enid)

Noah brought home Blythe...again.

But she is very pretty :3

And now I leave you with a picture of Artur - dodging one of Xoan's imaginary bullets.

I hope you enjoyed the update, another will come soon :)
: happyhappy
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