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16 June 2012 @ 01:19 pm
The Lurkers - A Pseudo VDSL - Part 2.1  

ABOUT TIME. Am I right?

Featuring sims by: [info]in_as_much (spouse) + [info]jesstheex + [info]limeyyyz + [info]lithium_lily + [info]lovelyxwow + [info]saria_deea + [info]uberdomme


Xoan Lurker
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Personality: Gemini, 7/10/10/0/8
Turn Ons: Colgone & Fitness
Turn Off: Grey Hair

Artur Lurker
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Become Education Minister
Personality: Scorpio, 7/6/6/3/3
Turn Ons: Full Face Makeup & Logical
Turn Off: Black Hair

I couldn't decide between the two of them, so might as well have double heirs!

Things were pretty boring to start off with. Both boys got jobs almost immediately (yay for availablity!) so they weren't around much.
As you can see, Bekah is still my window washing vampire. Only, she's washing an OPEN window, so I'd class that as washing the blinds.

Before I played them in college, I accidently left their household up unpaused. So, as a teen, Artur got this genie lamp!

I also took the boys out on a woman-hunt, but my game crashed. Before said crash, I caught this poor waiter falling for the unsavoury charlatan.


After the crash, I sent the boys out seperately. Ehm...poor Artur was way too quick with his advances. I feel bad for the guy :|

This is Jackie (by [info]saria_deea) and Xoan's first meeting and THEY HAVE TWO BOLTS. I can smell generation 3 already :D

I'm not much of a romantic, but when sims serenade, it sends me into fits of giggles x)

Tuesday came! And then my enthusiasm left. I swear, I'm gonna start dreading Tuesdays. At least I didn't have to sell everything.

HA. Seems Xoan has to be my fashionista for the week ;P

Look #1. I don't think it suits him, but that's probably because I was used to the way he looked before.

Artur: Why won't the wall hug me? :(

I took Artur out to ease his pain of being rejected by the wall, and he met Serenus (by [info]uberdomme). THEY HAD TWO BOLTS.
But then...

Kai (by [info]limeyyyz) moved in her. I partially blame Artur; he doesn't really interact with people much and when he does, he pushes them away by either arguing with or annoying them.

Back at home, XOAN FELL IN LOVE.

Things weren't going very well for Artur, so when he got back, Matchmaker time! I usually don't resort to this unless necessary, and it was definitely necessary.

It's Kate Murray! (by [info]lithium_lily)

Sure they'll stalk eachother, but with all rejection Artur got, I don't care!

And then due to my non-romantic streak, I got bored watching them and turned to Bekah.

I'm glad she'll be around forever :3

Noah is still around - around enough to bring Chen (by [info]lovelyxwow) home.

Look #2. This doesn't suit him either.

Proposal! Although, picture got ruined by Gustav (on the right - by [info]in_as_much).

Like father, like son :3 ♥

Look #3. No comment for this one ;P

My poor Noah - he spends his days studying because there's nothing else to do. He has to wait until night before he can interact with his wife :|

Another proposal! I know, I didn't take a picture of the falling-in-love bit, but I did it for Xoan, so can that count? :)

I also realised that I didn't take a picture of Jackie accepting Xoan's proposal. Oh well. I took it for Artur, so that can count too!

Marriage time!

Jackie: HAI :D

I didn't actually invite her over, but it was a very funny coincendence she passed by.

DAMN GIRL. I think that's the most any sim has ever brought in for me so far.

I took advantage of the ~coincedental~ pass by and got Xoan and Jackie married!

And then I realised I forgot to take pictures of both wives with stats and whatnot. Damn.

To end this update, have a picture of Noah and Bekah, still very much in love :3

Next update should be up in a couple of days, and I'll try to remember to include pictures of the wives with stats x)
Hope you liked it!

: busybusy