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16 June 2012 @ 01:21 pm
The Lurkers - A Pseudo VDSL - Part 2.2  

I actually had no idea that Jackie was a Captain Hero O.o

Featuring sims by: [info]in_as_much (spouse) + [info]lithium_lily (spouse) + [info]maytesims + [info]necilesims + [info]saria_deea (spouse) + [info]sixamsims + [info]xbeccyx

To begin! Wife stats.

Kate Lurker (by [info]lithium_lily)
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become Chief of Staff
Personality: Cancer, 7/5/5/3/5
Turn Ons: Logical & Charismatic
Turn Off: Stink

Jackie Lurker (by [info]saria_deea)
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Become Hand of Poseidon
Personality: Virgo, 10/2/8/0/6
Turn Ons: Hats & Fitness
Turn Off: Athletic

Then moving on: look #4 for Xoan! Long hair just does not suit him; but hey, he needs a new look for everyday, may aswell go wild, yes? ;P


Poor Artur :3

So much for a nice brother-sister-in-law bonding experience :|

I think Bekah adopted a pet bat when I wasn't looking.

Awww ♥

Look #5! It was actually getting pretty hard to choose looks for him - I was running out of ideas and what I first chose always looked too similar to his last look.

Jackie brought home Keith (by [info]maytesims) - he looks so cool in the dance sphere and his Captain Hero outfit :D
But what's the bet he isn't actually a Captain Hero?

More like Captain Zero >.>

Popping bellies!

Ugh. What has Keith got against the Lurkers? :(

Poor Noah and Bekah get ignored...it's kind of hard to get pictures of them though because Bekah is asleep all day, and when she wakes up, she just stands around.



Pregnant sisters-in-law bonding experience :3

Ummm....is that really safe for a pregnant woman?

Not to worry though - Uxia stopped by! :)

Look #6! Nearly done. Nearly.

HA. This, is self explanatory XD

Honestly, I tried to get him to the toilet. But he'd just get up, complain about some other need, sit back down, get up, then he wet himself. See what happens when you don't do what I tell you?!

I told you way back in the first updates that [info]xbeccyx's sims would be back to steal the newspaper.

Can you see Noah in the back there, yelling? X3

Baby time! Kate just had to give birth near a wall though, hence the angle of this picture.

Naming theme for this generation: Georgian.

Giorgi Lurker

I can't believe Artur's a dad already :|

Then finally, look #7! That's it! No more changing. Well, at least not for a week x) New challenge time!


Bekah is a proud grandmother - even if she does look a bit young :P

Darn! I can't pay them D:

So apparently, Blueberry (by [info]xbeccyx) is friends with Kate. YET SHE STILL HAS TO STEAL THE NEWSPAPER? WHO DOES THAT?

Apparently Indrid Cold (by [info]sixamsims) does. Why on earth does everyone steal their goddamn newspaper????

Xoan is a proud Uncle - I think he's ready to be a father himself now :)

Ketevan Lurker

Then just after Jackie gave birth, Mafalda (by [info]necilesims) comes and pokes her. I have no idea where she came from, and then she threatened Jackie about her job >:|
But the thing is, 1) Jackie doesn't work in an office 2) SHE'S ALREADY AT THE TOP. THERE ARE NO MORE PROMOTIONS AVAILABLE.

And then I end this update with Blueberry getting what she deserves >:)

Hope you enjoyed it!

: cheerfulcheerful
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Hayleychalkmetal on January 25th, 2013 12:31 am (UTC)
Thank you! :)
Gen 3 are all pretty cute if you ask me :3