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16 June 2012 @ 01:23 pm
The Lurkers - A Pseudo VDSL - Part 2.3  

I must apologise - I'm not in the best of moods, but I figured I'd get this up anyway so that there's one less thing on my mind.

Featuring sims by: [info]in_as_much (spouse) + [info]lithium_lily (spouse) + [info]saria_deea (spouse) + [info]xbeccyx

We begin, with [info]xbeccyx's Blueberry. Yes, the one who keeps stealing the newspaper.

So she appears to not only be a thief, but a LIAR as well. I need that hack from MTS that stops this rubbish.

Shouldn't you be used to that by now, Xoan?

Birthday time!

Giorgi Lurker
Scorpio, 7/6/9/3/1


I can see so much of Artur in him already :3

I made a GIF dedicated to Noah :)

He's so cute ♥

Kate plays good Aunt and feeds Ketevan - one can only imagine where her parents are.

At work, if anyone was really wondering.

Birthday time - again!



Ketevan Lurker
Aries, 7/10/4/0/8

If anyone is wondering, she's smiling like that because she just threw up. Jackie and Xoan aren't the best parents - they left her alone for some "time together" and she drank from an off bottle.

But I got Uncle Artur to save the day :)

To prove I haven't paid the bills - Bekah has kindly gotten them out of the mailbox for me. Much to my dismay, though. I'm so tempted to pay them x(

Oh yeah, Jackie's pregnant again.

Picture to show that Noah got abducted from the dance sphere. I actually missed it, only to come to the dance sphere to find he was missing.

They look more like siblings than cousins, don't they?


And then Noah came back.

Kate's preggers too, by the way.

Becca's sims just hate the Lurkers. Or perhaps they're protesting their hate for newspapers?

Mopping up water on the carpet = TOTALLY POSSIBLE.

Thankfully, only these two knew about the fire. So no one got hurt.
Well, the tree did, at least.


He went after the mirror, and that was it. Only the mirror. I was expecting a full-blown steal-everything-in-sight-operation! But then I forgot that they take things based on how much you owe for the bills, and the Lurkers only have nice-looking-CHEAP stuff, so they only owed around 130 simoleons.

Jackie took it hard though - she wouldn't stop crying. Hormones, perhaps?

Well, that's it for this update! Hope you enjoyed it.

: ecstaticecstatic