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19 April 2013 @ 04:15 pm
[Sims 3] Latterberg Asylum - Part 1  

First; I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT SIMS 2. Just putting that out there, you know :3
After finally acquiring all the expansion/stuff packs for Sims 3, I have recently discovered how much I now like the game. In an attempt to keep my interest and to say I have finally done so, I have started an asylum challenge!

I'll just say, that I kept to these rules as much as possible, but as is my style, I did fudge them a bit :3 For example, I added one extra bed spot because I have a vampire, and I did not buy the cheapest television. I also did not stick to just five skill items, and added a stereo and a few wall speakers (for my benefit, as I simply cannot play without music). Aaand I also have skipped the rule about not letting the sims out of the asylum, I have decided that I will take them out to the festivals, on occasion, but not all the time. Anyway, tour time!

In an attempt to make the front look like an asylum, there are no windows. Looks very bare. But hey, you can see the Uni kit the llama dropped off!

At this point, I realised that my game thinks that 'normal' brightness for certain lights equates to burn-your-eyes-out.

Did I also mention that I fudged the rule that says only Store content as 'custom content' is allowed?

And that's the end of the house tour! Now to meet our eight inhabitants -

Keely is my playable! She's a fairy with a lot of heart, and has an eye for sculpting. She often wonders why she was placed in this asylum; it's not like her sudden outbursts over her losses was harming anyone.
Traits: Good, Insane, Loser, Savvy Sculptor & Vegetarian
Favourites: Rock, Mushroom Omelette & Lilac
LTW: Descendant of da Vinci - Master the Inventing, Painting and Sculpting skills.

So, my goal is to achieve Keely's LTW. Should be fun.
If you notice Keely's top image is a little more orange; the sun came out, resulting in a lovely looking image. It didn't stay for the rest of the images though, did it?

Nick is the cuddly teddy bear of the asylum. Although, you'd better watch out when he comes running, else he might smash into you or trip over and break something.
Traits: Absent Minded, Clumsy, Good, Hates the Outdoors & Insane
Favourites: Rapp, Veggie Rolls & Blue
LTW: The Animal Rescuer - Adopt 6 Strays.

Igor is the dorky-looking guy with bad fashion sense. If you're not very generous, avoid him like the plague; he tends to ask for things.
Traits: Absent Minded, Easily Impressed, Hates the Outdoors, Insane & Mooch
Favourites: Pop, Autumn Salad & Lime
LTW: Become a Robot-Creature Cross Breeder - Reach Level 9 of the Science career track.

Brent is the not-so-scary, over-dramatic vampire. Watch what you say to him; he'll either rearrange your face or sob.
Traits: Absent Minded, Dramatic, Hates the Outdoors, Insane & Over Emotional
Favourites: Pop, O Positive & Black
LTW: Turn the Town - Drink from 20 sims, Turn 5 sims.

Marjorie is the -supposed- multi tasking genie who makes everyone else to all the chores. She often stays up late at night, but not always of her own accord.
Traits: Absent Minded, Hates the Outdoors, Hopeless Romantic, Insane & Night Owl
Favourites: Geek Rock, Mushroom Omelette & Orange
LTW: Reach Maximum Influence with all Social Groups

Rae is the dramatic and sometimes over-bearing witch who is known to fly off the handle. Just don't expect to have a long term relationship with her. She's not into that.
Traits: Absent Minded, Commitment Issues, Dramatic, Hates the Outdoors & Insane
Favourites: Songwriter, Pancakes & Turquoise
LTW: Zombie Master - Turn 10 Different Sims into Zombies using Reanimation Ritual or Potent Zombification Elixir.

Calvin is the hunky but incredibly grumpy werewolf. If there was an award for grumpiest sim of the year, he's sure to win it. Just don't shove him in the pool to celebrate. He won't dig that.
Traits: Absent Minded, Grumpy, Hates the Outdoors, Hydrophobic & Insane
Favourites: R&B, Vegetarian Grilled Salmon & Spice Brown
LTW: Leader of the Pack - Convert 5 Sims, Find $40 000 worth of Objects while Hunting with Pack.

Mia is the shy girl who somehow finds herself overrun with other people's things. She didn't steal that girl's shoe! Or did she?
Traits: Absent Minded, Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Kleptomaniac & Shy
Favourites: Kids, Veggie Burger & Purple
LTW: Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law - Possess $50 000 worth of Stolen Goods.

Now that introductions are out of the way, time to start the challenge!

After the building was complete, it became night and everyone was hungry. Not hungry enough to finish preparing a meal, apparently.

I would have thought that Nick was pissed, but they apparently got plusses for this interaction.

First meal being cooked! Because the other was still on the bench.

Calvin had better not be insulting her home. Because he lives in it too.

Rae: Whuuuuhh?

Looks like having only bathroom is taking it's toll already! It also seems that Nick is a bit hungry.

Mia decided to accuse Brent of being a vampire.

He didn't take kindly to it...even though it's true...

Because everybody goes in the pool looking dapper!

Jeepers, I didn't think insane sims were...THAT insane. Working out in those heels? Right.
Also, don't ask why Keely is workig out, she just decided to. Do vegetarians do that autonomously?

Nawww, Calvin burned his Mac & Cheese.



Poor Nick :\ I'm sorry, but you could always share the double bed with Keely...

Second day at the asylum, and we are finally making a start. First, the sculpting skill. I may go back and forth between skills though.

I forgot that sims could autonomously eat a magic jelly bean. This, shall be interesting. I've had a sim die from eating one, so we shall see what happens to the patients >:)

Pfft, how boring!

Found both Mia and Rae on the ground; they had fainted. Probably due to Brent intimidating them I think x)

Nawww, poor Nick!

Hey, you did this too, so you have no right to get mad.

Awww :|

Good on you, Marjorie, cleaning up your friend's mess.


Haha xD I was waiting for this to happen. Although in the second picture, Calvin's not a happy chappy.

And that's it! To wrap this up, here are the stats:

Accidents: 2
Burglaries: 0
Deaths: 0
Fires: 0
Jelly Beans: 2
Pass Outs: 0

Hope you enjoyed it! :)
lovelyxwowlovelyxwow on April 19th, 2013 01:27 pm (UTC)
What a great start! Makes me want to play ts3. Cant wait for more!
Hayley: {cloudless-days} ♥ Godardchalkmetal on April 20th, 2013 09:14 am (UTC)
Thank you! I hope to be posting some more soon :)